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I've been releasing Chopped & Screwed material since February 17 of this year (2009). So basically I've been improving over a course of 7-8 months. I personally do this out of the love for Chopped & Screwed music. Plus another reason. Last September I believe I downloaded OG Ron C's Chopped & Screwed version of The Sound of Revenge by accident and I didn't even know what Chopped & Screwed was at that time. When I heard it my friend beside me was saying and I quote "Jonel, don't listen to that. Chopped & Screwed shit is lame as fuck I hate it." Well I played it anyway and come to find out I loved it! Right then and there I started downloading a bunch of Chopped & Screwed material but all of the stuff I downloaded was either crap or I had to pay to get a good DJ to chop&screw it. So I said to myself, "Wait...didn't I download Virtual DJ like a month ago? I'll get into this Chop&Screw DJ-ing hobby!" and that's how it started.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mixtape Messiah 3 (Chopped & Thowed)


Mixtape Messiah 3 (Chopped & Thowed by
DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. Get Ya Burners Out
2. Money Already Made
3. Get Ya Burners Out
4. Living Good
5. It's Just Pain
6. Nothin' But Lies
7. Failure's Not an Option
8. Ima Playa Fasho
9. Got a Lot of Options
10. See it in My Eyes
11. Don't Hurt Em Hammer
12. It's On (Y'all Ain't Ready) (feat. Rasaq)
13. You a Dummy
14. Mo Scrilla
15. The Crowd Goes Wild
16. Makes Me Stronger
17. Rain (feat. Famous)

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  1. hey man just givin a shout out to my fav C&S dj i follow you on datpiff man your tapes are fire.
    keep doin it man.hey i would like to see you do some rasaq

  2. thanks 4 the love man. glad i got a dedicated fan haha. yeah i got some rasaq coming up