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I've been releasing Chopped & Screwed material since February 17 of this year (2009). So basically I've been improving over a course of 7-8 months. I personally do this out of the love for Chopped & Screwed music. Plus another reason. Last September I believe I downloaded OG Ron C's Chopped & Screwed version of The Sound of Revenge by accident and I didn't even know what Chopped & Screwed was at that time. When I heard it my friend beside me was saying and I quote "Jonel, don't listen to that. Chopped & Screwed shit is lame as fuck I hate it." Well I played it anyway and come to find out I loved it! Right then and there I started downloading a bunch of Chopped & Screwed material but all of the stuff I downloaded was either crap or I had to pay to get a good DJ to chop&screw it. So I said to myself, "Wait...didn't I download Virtual DJ like a month ago? I'll get into this Chop&Screw DJ-ing hobby!" and that's how it started.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Battle of the Sexes (Chopped & Thowed)


Battle of the Sexes
Chopped & Thowed by DJ Howie "The Mixxiya"

1. Intro
2. How Low
3. How Low [Remix] (feat. Ciara & Pitbull)
4. Party No Mo (feat. Gucci Mane)
5. I Kno U Gotta Man (feat. Flo Rida)
6. Can't Live With You (feat. Monica)
7. Tell Me a Secret (feat. Ne-Yo)
8. Feeling So Sexy
9. My Chick Bad (feat. Nicki Minaj)
10. My Chick Bad [Remix] (feat. Diamond, Trina & Eve)
11. Sex Room (feat. Trey Songz)
12. Sexting
13. Everybody Drunk (feat. Lil Scrappy)
14. I Do It All Night
15. B.O.T.S. Radio (feat. I-20)
16. Hey Ho (feat. Lil Kim & Lil Tate)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome 2 Texas: All Star 2010 (Chopped & Thowed)


Slim Thug
Welcome 2 Texas: All Star Weekend 2010
(Chopped & Thowed by DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. O Let's Do It (feat. Trae)
2. Dedicated 2 the Haters
3. Sweet Love
4. Lemonade
5. Mix-Lude
6. Goin Hard
7. What's Happenin
8. Wanna Choose (feat. Pimp C & L.E.S.)
9. Homegurl [Remix]
10. Strippers (feat. Lil Ray)
11. Rep the Dirty (feat. Ludacris, Dre Day & Kez)
12. Hit Dat Hoe Flow (feat. J-Dawg)
13. Flex [All Star Remix] (feat. Various Artists)
14. Houston (feat. Cityy)
15. Ike Turner Pimpin' (feat. Juicy J & Project Phat)
16. None of Ya Business (feat. Lil' O)
17. Keep Rollin' (feat. Devin The Dude)
18. Say Something Flow
19. Strong Enough Flow
20. Fresh Dressed Fridays
21. Throwed
22. Starched Down
23. Hard Work (feat. Dom Kennedy & Rich Boy)
24. I Wanna Rock
25. I Look Good [Remix] (feat. Bun B & Chalie Boy)
26. BONUS - Main Event (feat. Chamillionaire, Paul Wall & Dorrough)