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I've been releasing Chopped & Screwed material since February 17 of this year (2009). So basically I've been improving over a course of 7-8 months. I personally do this out of the love for Chopped & Screwed music. Plus another reason. Last September I believe I downloaded OG Ron C's Chopped & Screwed version of The Sound of Revenge by accident and I didn't even know what Chopped & Screwed was at that time. When I heard it my friend beside me was saying and I quote "Jonel, don't listen to that. Chopped & Screwed shit is lame as fuck I hate it." Well I played it anyway and come to find out I loved it! Right then and there I started downloading a bunch of Chopped & Screwed material but all of the stuff I downloaded was either crap or I had to pay to get a good DJ to chop&screw it. So I said to myself, "Wait...didn't I download Virtual DJ like a month ago? I'll get into this Chop&Screw DJ-ing hobby!" and that's how it started.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mixtape Messiah 6 (Chopped & Screwed)

Note: This was released in May of 2009.


Mixtape Messiah 6 (Chopped & Screwed by
DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. Best Rapper Alive
2. Love of Money (feat. Trae)
3. Thowdest In The Game
4. Mixtape Murder
5. The Evaluation
6. One Day (feat. J-Dawg)
7. That's You
8. Track Wrecka (feat. Lil' Flip)
9. Everything (feat. Crooked I)
10. Switch Styles Reloaded
11. Murder (feat. Killa Kyleon & Lil Ray)
12. For the Moment
13. Shawty (feat. Chalie Boy)
14. Shine So Clean (feat. Lil Keke)
15. Judge Judy
16. Nothin' Else to Say
17. Creepin' (Solo) [Remix] (feat. The Game & Ludacris)
18. Internet Nerd's Argue [*]

Mixtape Messiah 5 (Choppy Not Sloppy)

Note: This was released May 28th of 2009.


Mixtape Messiah 5 (Choppy Not Sloppy by
DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. Intro
2. Keep Hatin' Part II
3. Swagga Like Koop
4. I Got
5. Internet Nerd's Brother
6. Chop Chop Chop (feat. Tum Tum & Chalie Boy)
7. I'm the One
8. All I Got Is Pain (feat. Famous)
9. Act Right
10. Down the Freeway
11. Car Windows (feat. Chalie Boy)
12. Really Isn't Fair (Famous)
13. Ran Out of Auto-Tone
14. Can't Get Enough
15. Pimp Talk
16. Ready For Whatever (feat. Lil' O & Wonderous)
17. Do Ya Thing (feat. Magno)
18. Creepin (Solo) Break
19. No Hate
20. Texas 4 Life

Mixtape Messiah 4 (Chopped & Screwed)

Note: This was released April 21st of 2009.


Mixtape Messiah 4 (Chopped & Screwed by
DJ Howie "The Mixxya")

1. The Horror Flick Intro
2. Go Hard
3. Fire Drill
4. Roll Call Reloaded
5. The Real Thang
6. All Around the World
7. Do It For H-Town (feat. Slim Thug & Trae)
8. Skit 1 (Roy Woods Jr.)
9. Internet Nerd's Revenge
10. Fire (feat. Famous)
11. Hero
12. My Dream (feat. Akon)
13. Bay Area Skit
14. Gotta Be Playa (feat. Famous)
15. Not Your Baby
16. Answer Machine 3
17. The Greatest
18. Skit 2 (Roy Woods Jr.)
19. On the Grind Homie
20. My Life (feat. Slim Thug & Trae)
21. Middle Finger Up
22. What the Business Is
23. Who Hotter Than Me
24. Lovin' What You See
25. Cadillac & Benz (feat. Killa Kyleon)
26. Put On for Houston
27. She Watchin Me (Skit)
28. I'd Rather Get Some Bread
29. Fire Drill Skill
30. Flow So Sick (Killa Kyleon)
31. Top Down Money Up
32. Block on Smash
33. Never (Killer Mike)
34. Diamonds Exposed Break
35. 2 Real (Lil' Flip feat. Chamillionaire)
36. 2 MPH (Mista F.A.B. feat. Bun B, Chamillionaire & Pimp C)
37. This Isn't Life Outro
38. Relax [Bonus Track]
39. Cha-Milli [Remix] [Bonus Track]

Mixtape Messiah 3 (Chopped & Thowed)


Mixtape Messiah 3 (Chopped & Thowed by
DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. Get Ya Burners Out
2. Money Already Made
3. Get Ya Burners Out
4. Living Good
5. It's Just Pain
6. Nothin' But Lies
7. Failure's Not an Option
8. Ima Playa Fasho
9. Got a Lot of Options
10. See it in My Eyes
11. Don't Hurt Em Hammer
12. It's On (Y'all Ain't Ready) (feat. Rasaq)
13. You a Dummy
14. Mo Scrilla
15. The Crowd Goes Wild
16. Makes Me Stronger
17. Rain (feat. Famous)

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Mixtape Messiah 2 (Chopped & Thowed)

Large MM2 C&T

Mixtape Messiah 2 (Chopped & Thowed by
DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. Guess Who's Back
2. Hip Hop Warning
3. She Gonna Already Know
4. Let Em Know
5. Tryin' to Change Me
6. Picture Me Rollin
7. Game Gonna Cost a Fee
8. Ridin Overseas (feat. Akon)
9. Show Me What Ya Got (feat. Famous)
10. Answer Machine 2
11. I Run It
12. International Money
13. Get Ya Umbrellas Out
14. Man Hold Up
15. Roll Call Reloaded

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chamillitary (Chopped & Thowed)

Note: There is an older and a newer version to this mixtape that I've done. This is the newer version.

Large C C&T

Chamillionaire & The Color Changin' Click
Chamillitary (Chopped & Thowed by
DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. Intro (Sittin Back)
2. Shyne On
3. I'm a Hustla
4. You'll Know
5. Still N' Love With My D'
6. You Ain't Heard Bout
7. Amazing
8. Victory
9. Let's Go
10. Hoggin' Da Game
11. Roll Wit Me
12. Don't Love This Game
13. Put You on the Game
14. I Wish
15. Get Outta Here

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ultimate Victory (Slowed & Thowed)

Note: This is where I improved more :)

Large UV S&T

Ultimate Victory (Slowed & Thowed by
DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. The Morning News
2. Hip Hop Police (feat. Slick Rick)
3. Standing Ovation
4. Won't Let You Down
5. Industry Groupie
6. Pimp Mode
7. Rock Star (feat. Lil Wayne)
8. The Bill Collecta (feat. Krayzie Bone) (Exclusive!)
9. The Ultimate Vacation
10. Come Back to the Streets
11. I Think I Love You
12. The Evening News
13. Welcome to the South (feat. Pimp C)
14. You Must Be Crazy (feat. Lil' Ken aka Famous)
15. We Breakin' Up
16. Rocky Road (feat. Devin The Dude)
17. The Ultimate Victory
18. Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt [*]
19. Keep it on the Hush (feat. Lloyd) [*]
20. Still Countin' My Cash [*]