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I've been releasing Chopped & Screwed material since February 17 of this year (2009). So basically I've been improving over a course of 7-8 months. I personally do this out of the love for Chopped & Screwed music. Plus another reason. Last September I believe I downloaded OG Ron C's Chopped & Screwed version of The Sound of Revenge by accident and I didn't even know what Chopped & Screwed was at that time. When I heard it my friend beside me was saying and I quote "Jonel, don't listen to that. Chopped & Screwed shit is lame as fuck I hate it." Well I played it anyway and come to find out I loved it! Right then and there I started downloading a bunch of Chopped & Screwed material but all of the stuff I downloaded was either crap or I had to pay to get a good DJ to chop&screw it. So I said to myself, "Wait...didn't I download Virtual DJ like a month ago? I'll get into this Chop&Screw DJ-ing hobby!" and that's how it started.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Relapse (Chopped & Screwed)

Note: This was released in May of 2009. This is also what really got me some attention.

Large Relapse

Relapse (Chopped & Screwed by
DJ Howie "The Mixxiya")

1. 3 A.M.
2. My Mom
3. Insane
4. Bagpipes From Baghdad
5. Hello
6. Same Song & Dance
7. We Made You
8. Medicine Ball
9. Stay Wide Awake
10. Old Time's Sake (w/ Dr. Dre)
11. Must Be The Ganja
12. Deja Vu
13. Beautiful
14. Crack a Bottle (w/ Dr. Dre & 50 Cent)
15. Underground
16. My Darling [*]
17. Careful What You Wish For [*]

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